6waves is bringing Ravenwood Fair to mobile

6waves is taking its Facebook hit Ravenwood Fair to mobile.

The game quietly appeared in the Canadian iTunes App Store last week, when it was soft-launched on June 29. Although the game’s App Store listing credits Ravenwood Fair Mobile to 6waves alone, the game was actually developed by New York-based Foundation Games in association with 6waves. Foundation Games prominently displays the the title on its website, referring to the game as a “brand-new mobile interface” for Ravenwood residents who want to play while on-the-go. Foundation Game’s involvement in the project is interesting, given the fact that 6waves (then 6waves Lolapps) already owns a mobile development studio — the company acquired Dallas-based Escalation Studios in January this year in order to bolster its mobile development talent.

From our short playtest, we found the gameplay of the mobile version to be almost identical of that to the Facebook version, right down to the first missions and objectives. Mobile players can either set up a new account or log in via Facebook Connect, but logging in through Facebook doesn’t allow a user to resume an existing Ravenwood Fair game from Facebook on their iPhone.

We reached out to 6waves for comment, but the company was tight lipped about its plans for the title. According to a company representative, the game is still being refined and there is no set U.S. release date at this point.

Ravenwood Fair was originally developed by San Francisco-based Lolapps, which merged with Facebook publisher 6waves in July 2011. Unfortunately for Lolapps, the relationship was short lived — 6waves decided to move out of development just eight months later, laying off almost all of the Lolapps staff this spring in order to refocus on publishing.

Although 6waves has shifted its focus from developing its own games, it appears the company still thinks there is enough life in Ravenwood Fair to justify a mobile port. The game was once one of the most popular titles on Facebook, peaking in April 2011 with 11.8 million monthly active users and 1.2 million daily active users according to AppData. Since that time however, the game’s popularity has declined significantly, dropping to just 660,000 MAU and 100,000 DAU.

Thanks to Thomas  for the tip.