6waves branches into cross-promotion with WaveX

Mobile-social game publisher 6waves is expanding its product offerings and venturing into the cross-promotion game. As of today, developers can sign up for its new WaveX traffic exchange service, a free cross-promotion network designed to combat rising user acquisition costs on Android and iOS.

“The whole driver behind this is that right now, mobile acquisition costs are ridiculously expensive,” explains Jim Ying, 6waves SVP of publishing. “Anything we can do for our own games, and other partners out there, to reduce the cost is very helpful.”

According to Ying, WaveX grew out of an internal project at 6waves. The company had already been approached by several developers and publishers about setting up cross-promotion deals. Instead of creating custom integrations for each company, 6waves built an internal system to handle its cross-promotion needs. At that point the company realized it was more beneficial to take the exchange public, he explains, pointing out that the larger the cross promotion network, the more benefit it brings to all the parties involved.

“By having more people jump into it it helps us and helps them,” says Ying. “Part of the side benefit is that it does expose us to more developers who are out there looking for publishing.”

Unlike other mobile cross-promotion services offered by Chartboost or PapayaMobile, WaveX developers won’t earn money by driving installs, but they also won’t pay for them either. The service is completely free, and is most similar to the social game cross-promotion service Applifer provides. However, unlike Applifier’s service, 6waves does not charge charge any fees or earn a commission based on how many installs are driven by the network.

“This system is a pure click exchange. No one is taking any money in, or out of the system,” says Ying.

iOS and Android developers interested in joining WaveX can sign up for free on the 6waves WaveX website.