60Photos Is Facebook's Fastest Growing Application

A newcomer has us talking this week: 66Photos is the fastest growing application on Facebook.

A newcomer has us talking this week: 60Photos is the fastest growing application on Facebook. Page creation tools continue to create quite a commotion on the weekly growth leaderboard, we track the success of last week‘s top contending trend of calendar apps, along with some games. After you read the post below, don’t forget to head towards our in-depth statistic tool for even more details.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDAUMAUWeekly Growth
1. 60photos2,493,68739,337,4342,950,626
2. Static HTML: iframe tabs2,449,80738,312,9312,924,929
3. MyCalendar334,5563,732,7451,685,040
4. Zoo World875,7935,840,6941,374,345
5. MeinKalender370,9043,983,8321,216,887
6. PicBadges160,8332,616,0601,130,304
7. Toolbar Widget1,507,6516,002,168786,366
8. Yahoo!10,545,96518,385,639743,869
9. Mahjong Saga400,2382,252,758683,109
10. The Pokerist club – Texas Poker148,2451,101,248561,001
11. My Calendar (Chinese)157,5431,866,377551,117
12. FarmVille Bonus135,506637,751529,816
13. Wildfire’s iFrames for Pages306,6665,705,050482,370
14. Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab91,7581,253,623435,120
15. Gourmet Ranch399,9702,654,532423,906
16. Bandsintown171,6573,111,234413,455
17. Friendship Report Card74,6671,969,570406,399
18. Static Iframe Tab304,4076,406,639396,879
19. Socialbox437,2612,438,360378,917
20. Banner de perfil en espagnol42,505393,781350,910


Social networkers propel FriskyLab’s 60photos to the top of the chart this week. The simple premise presents the opportunity to share selected photos with your fellow Facebook friends in a new format. The application sees an immense 2,950,626 increase.

Returning to the countdown is PicBadges, an application letting you small images to your profile picture; a 1,130,304 user comeback gives it a sixth place finish. Plus, Spanish-language newcomer, Banner de perfil en espagnol, aids in designing a photo banner of your choosing; 350,910 adds lands this new addition the final spot on the countdown.

Page Creation Tools

Clenching onto second place for another seven days, Static HTML: iframe tabs was added by 2,924,929 on Facebook. Wildfire Interactive sees a 482,370 finish with its popular tool iFrames for Pages; the amplification sparks the application’s return as a fastest growing app placing in 13th.

Just a step behind, Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab scores a 435,120 weekly growth total. Woobox’s Static Iframe Tab tallies a 396,879 increase good enough for the 18th position.


Though the heat settles slightly for this trend, these personal organizers continue their buzzing presence. MyCalendar advances to third with 1,685,040 more users. And a Chinese alternative that goes by the same name secures 551,117 new users, to land in 11th place. Last week’s first place finisher, MeinKalender, amasses 1,216,887 new adds, to come in fifth.

Game On

Its absence appears to be temporary, as Zoo World makes a booming return to fourth place this time around; 1,374,345 social gamers have this week joined in desiging their own animal worlds in the RockYou developed app. And King.com’s Mahjong Saga takes a ninth place finish, as the game’s addicting puzzles have 683,109 people hooked.

If you are feeling lucky, join the 561,001 new virtual card players over on our 10th place finisher, The Pokerist club – Texas Poker. Zynga is offering rewards in FarmVille Bonus, and 529,816 players are now receiving the daily extras. Playdemic witnesses a drop with Gourmet Ranch as it places three spots behind its previous week total; the game grows by 423,906 adders.

Stay Connected

Toolbar Widget aims to quickly connect you with Facebook even when browsing outside the social network, and the app new to our rankings finishes in seventh with a 786,366 new users this week. Yahoo moves back to the eighth position, as new 743,869 users synchronize their accounts on Facebook.

Fun With Friends

As long as you don’t mind a post directly on your wall, Friendship Report Card gives a fictional report card developed around the some very basic statistics surrounding your friends on the social network; the application’s 406,399 seven day growth number lands the app on our chart for the first time, in the 17th spot. Socialbox chat has 378,917 new users, putting it in 19th place.

Rock On

Our 16th place finisher makes a four place improvement from last week: Bandsintown has 413,455 new users over the past seven days.

Readers, did you find yourself using any of this week’s fastest growing applications?