66% of Schoolchildren Never Plan to Give up Paper Books

There’s a new report out from Scholastic that should provide some relief for the publishing industry in these turbulent times.

As you probably know, Scholastic is a publishing company, so it was interested in finding out what kids like to read, how much and why. A total of 1,045 kinds between the ages of 9 and 17 were polled in April and May 2010. Considering how much the ebook market has changed in the past year, the survey data is probably out of date. But it still tells an interesting tale.

Two thirds of the kids didn’t plan to give up on paper books (when they were polled last year). But the results also showed that 25% had already read an eBook,  and a further 57% wanted to read an eBook. Also, a full third of students would reported that they would read more if they had an eReader. Given that a far larger number of students have tried or want to try eBooks, I would tend to doubt the sizable resistance that the survey found.

The survey results also noted that kids spent less time reading as they grew older, which I’m sure comes as no surprise. You can find full details on the report at Scholastic.

via Scholastic

Report (PDF)