63% of U.S. Cell Phone Owners Use Phones to Go Online: Pew Research

Sixty-three percent of cell phone owners in the U.S. use their  phones to go online, according to a new survey by Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.This is up 8 percent from the comparable period in 2012 and a two-fold increase from 2009.

Jack Loechner broke the news in a blog post on MediaPost. Here is more from the post:

Taken together, 63% of cell owners do one or both of these things, says the report, and are classified as cell internet users. Since 91% of Americans are cell phone owners, this means that 57% of all Americans now go online using a mobile phone. The steady increase in cell phone internet usage follows a similar growth trajectory for smartphone ownership. Over half of all adults (56%) now own a smartphone, and 93% of these smartphone owners use their phone to go online.

From a demographic standpoint, cell phones aged 18-29 are most likely to use their phones to go online, as 85 percent of them do. This compares with 73 percent of cell owners aged 30-49, and 51 percent of those aged 50-64. The report also revealed that 74 percent of African-American and 68 percent of Hispanic cell owners cell phone owners use their phones to go online. In addition, the research revealed that 74 percent of cell owners with a college degree or higher are cell internet users.

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