62nd Annual Radio-Television Correspondents’ Association Dinner

Many in DC are excited for tonight’s 62nd Annual Radio-Television Correspondents’ Association Dinner.

It’s the kind of event where…

…television networks worry themselves over who has more tables (last year, Fox had 34 to CNN’s 29) and which network has the best after party

…where you can–yet again–ask yourself, “Why does Ron Silver keep showing up at these things?”

…where you can see George Stephanopolous sitting between Karl Rove and Howard Dean

…where you can thumb through the 44-page seating chart to discover who else is there and who scored betters seats

…where you can enjoy a meal consisting of “a mushroom phyllo flower, overcooked horseradish crusted filets of beef, cajun salmon, garlic basil mashed potatoes, and grilled vegetables in a merlot sauce,”

…and where you can sit through mildly funny jokes and wonder, “When do the after-parties begin?”

FishbowlDC will be there in full force tonight and ready to tell you all about it tomorrow. In the meantime, check out some of the lists of network special guests after the jump.


Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA)
Dan and Allyson Bartlett
Rep. John Dingell and Debbie Dingell (D-MI)
Rep. John Conyers (D-MI)
Michael Gerson, Asst to the President for Policy and Strategic Planning
John Berry, Dir. of the National Zoo


Military and Katrina heroes include:

General Russel Honore will be seated with Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr and Master Sergeant Suran Sar and his wife.

Admiral Mike Mullin (chief of Naval Operations) and Vice Admiral Thad Allen (U.S. Coast Guard) will be sitting with Sr. Pentagon Correspondent Jamie McIntyre.

Women of the Storm Anne Milling and Peggy Laborde (see bios below) and Mayor of Bay St. Louis Eddie Favre will be sitting with CNN Correspondent Kathleen Koch.

Additional guests include:

Fmr. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will be sitting with bureau chief David Bohrman.

Sen. John Thune will be sitting with CNN White House Correspondent Ed Henry.

Sen. John Sununu will be sitting with CNN National Correspondent Bob Franken


(Scheduled)Senators McCain, Lindsey Graham and Leahy. Reps Harmon, Rangel, Markey, Thomas, Skelton, Wm Thomas, Waxman, LaHood, Castle.

“The Early Show” weather guy Dave Price.


Howard Dean

Gen. Peter Pace

Sen. Evan Bayh

Melanie Bloom