60Frames Gets Edgy With Red Band

NEW YORK 60Frames, the digital content producer and distribution firm born last year out of the Beverly Hills, Calif.-based United Talent Agency, has quietly rolled out Red Band Industries — a separate production label geared for incubating edgier fare that might not appeal to mainstream advertisers.

A few weeks ago, 60Frames released a pair of original, envelope-pushing series on the Web under the Red Band moniker: the High School Musical spoof Private High Musical and the animated Brangelina Bunch — which pokes fun at Brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

In addition, the company’s previously launched sketch comedy vehicle I Am Zumwalt has yielded a series of racy, politically charged videos including a mock sex tape featuring an actress playing Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Mediaweek has learned that 60Frames executives are looking to establish Red Band Industries as a separate sub-brand to focus on youth-appealing content that is clearly not for everyone. Meanwhile, the company hopes to assure marketers that the 60Frames label will focus on producing more mainstream content geared for advertisers of all kinds. 

According to sources, the company’s executives believe that in this still early stage of original content on the Web, it is important for 60Frames to clearly define itself as a venue for quality productions, while eventually building a stable of brands that target a range of audiences and advertisers. The blueprint is, more or less, Viacom’s strategy with its various cable networks.

60Frames’ distributors include YouTube, Break.com, Hulu, blip.tv, Metacafe and others.