60 Seconds Of Social Media Sharing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Time is very relative. If you have a minute to catch your train but you’re 500 yards from the railway station, then you really have no time at all. But if your team is up two points with a minute to go in game seven of the NBA Finals, then that same 60 seconds can seem like an eternity.

Equally, it’s amazing how much can be packed into a whole minute, especially if that contribution is made by collective effort. As the adoption of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has boomed, so too has the amount of content that we share on these channels, to the point where it’s reaching mind-blowing proportions – even when reduced to such a seemingly fleeting period of time.

This infographic from Vancouver-based social media promotions agency Popcorn takes a look at what goes down in just 60 seconds of social sharing.

(Source: Popcorn. Image credit: Mike Flippo via Shutterstock.)