60 Photos, Page Tabs, Videos, Mobile, Zoosk and More on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Apps by MAU

Photos, Page tabs and videos made a big splash on our list of the fastest growing Facebook applications by monthly active users this week. But there were also dating, mobile and horoscope apps. The apps on our list gained the most MAU of any apps, growing from between 462,800 and 3.6 million MAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. 60photos31,158,314+3,636,727+13%
2. Static HTML: iframe tabs32,058,537+3,166,077+11%
3. Empires & Allies51,099,704+2,670,437+6%
4. VEVO for Artists12,784,798+1,659,487+15%
5. Facebook for Every Phone3,674,668+1,376,043+60%
6. Global Warfare3,651,969+1,355,005+59%
7. Zoosk22,994,653+948,477+4%
8. It Girl7,426,364+912,624+14%
9. Video Yeri1,959,630+879,157+81%
10. Daily Horoscope14,613,414+795,304+6%
11.inFAMOUS Anarchy2,166,304+783,884+57%
12.Static Iframe Tab5,161,844+702,162+16%
13. Yahoo!16,446,426+670,183+4%
14. Video Galerisi945,659+594,616+169%
15. Gardens of Time14,723,939+567,791+4%
17. Zoo World4,294,109+558,259+15%
18. Kingdoms of Camelot1,871,131+540,713+41%
19. Welcome tab app for Pages7,280,624+520,341+8%
20. Pool Master1,858,518+462,818+33%

60photos topped our list by far with 3.6 million new MAU; the app asks users to rate friends’ Facebook photos either “nice” or “pass” and generates a Wall post when you rate the photo “nice.” Since there are so many photos on Facebook, and users generally enjoy this part of the service, the result seems to be good news for this app. It’s not clear if Facebook itself might consider the app to be too spammy, though.

Static HTML: iframe tabs grew by 3.1 million MAU this week, Static Iframe Tab by 702,200 MAU and Welcome tab app for Pages by 520,300 MAU mostly in the Philippines. These Page tab apps were very popular this week and help users create customized Page tabs for their Pages.

Video apps also made our list. VEVO for Artists grew by 1.6 million MAU; this app brings together an artist’s VEVO videos on a tab for their Page. Turkish video apps also made the list. Video Yeri grew by 879,200 MAU and Video Galerisi by 594,600 MAU. Basically these two allow users to view, share and Like videos.

Everything else was varied.

Facebook for Every Phone is Snaptu’s Facebook mobile app, and grew by 1.3 million MAU. Zoosk the dating app grew by 948,500 MAU mostly in the U.S. Daily Horoscope, which allows users to receive daily horoscope Wall posts, grew by 795,300 MAU. Yahoo!’s app grew by 670,200 MAU. Finally, Socialbox grew by 563,000 MAU and is a downloadable desktop chat app.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top weekly gainers by daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.