60 Minutes Launches YouTube Channel, Asks Viewers To Upload Video Responses

Earlier this month 60 Minutes announced that they were launching a new web series called ’60 Minutes Overtime’. The series, which started officially yesterday on the CBS website offers up new angles on 60 Minutes stories each week, as well as behind the scenes footage and revealing moments. In addition to the new series, 60 Minutes also announced the launch of a new YouTube channel, where viewers can tune in to watch 60 Minutes stories, and they are also encouraging viewers to submit their feedback through a new partnership with YouTube called ‘Ask 60 Minutes’.

Now 60 Minutes fans can tune into YouTube the day after the television broadcast to see stories they missed or want to see again. Each Monday morning the videos from the previous night’s 60 Minutes broadcast will be uploaded to YouTube. However, the coolest thing about the launch of this new channel is that 60 Minutes is giving fans the opportunity to interact with 60 Minutes correspondents.

Viewers are being asked to submit 60-second video questions at the 60 Minutes YouTube channel. Users are also welcome to submit text questions, if they don’t want to submit a video. A 60 Minutes response video answering viewer questions will be responded a few days after the television broadcast. The best viewer responses may even be featured on the 60 Minutes television broadcast. This week viewers are welcome to share their responses and questions about Lara Logan’s report on fighting along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

If your question is chosen to be featured on television you will be seen by an audience of more than 13 million people! Do you have a question for 60 Minutes? Let us know about it in the comments.

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