60 EYEs On Design


Arguably the finest graphic design magazine of our time, EYE challenges not only our checkbooks ($29.99!) but our minds, four glorious times a year. On the occasion of EYE’s 60th issue, Heller joins jolly Brit John L. Walters, editor-in-chief, for a chat. We especially love Walters’ outlook on editing a magazine for designers:

The great thing about designers, however, is that they have a very broad range of interests and reference points, both professionally and personally, that go way beyond the notional borders of design: vernacular restaurant signs, Richard Hamilton, graphic scores for music, Manga, EYE charts, Crumb’s life drawing … sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, the universe and everything.

Pick up the current issue (worth every penny, really), for a stunning study of early motion graphic work by Peter Hall and Matt Soar, and a story by David Womack about hacking Illustrator (how Johnny Depp got diagonalized in the image to the left).