6 Weeks After Redesign, A Look at the Top 10 App Developers on Facebook by Reach

Like last year’s profile page redesign, Facebook’s recent home page redesign has shaken up the AppData application developer charts. Several developers who saw the change as a disruptive opportunity have moved up or into the top 10 on Facebook, while many others have continued to grow at smaller scale.

Here’s a look at the top 10 developers on Facebook by total reach, 6 weeks after the redesign:

1. Zynga

Moving into the top spot for the first time this week with over 40 million monthly active users is huge social game developer Zynga. With over 30 games on Facebook (and many more on MySpace and other social networks), Zynga is also known for its rumored revenues of over $40 million last year from loyal customers in Texas HoldEm Poker and Mafia Wars.

2. RockYou!

Holding steady at just under 40 million monthly active users is RockYou. With over a dozen social apps and games, as well as one of the largest ad networks on the Facebook Platform, RockYou has been near the top of the Facebook developer charts since the beginning of the Facebook Platform.

3. LivingSocial

The poster child of the new Facebook redesign, LivingSocial has rocketed from the middle of the pack to having the largest app on the Facebook Platform in a matter of weeks. LivingSocial’s namesake application was the app that made the “top 5” phenomenon popular after the new stream launched.

4. Slide, Inc.

Hanging tough at #4 is Slide, which like RockYou has been a perennial top developer on the Facebook Platform by total reach, led by its flagship FunSpace, Top Friends, and SuperPoke applications. However, the last month has been more difficult for the company, having slipped from over 40 million monthly active users to just under 30 million now.

5. Playfish

European social game developer Playfish is holding strong at #5, with over 26 million monthly active users. The company’s suite of Facebook games have proved very engaging over time, and the company is monetizing through a combination of virtual goods and sponsorship campaigns.

6. Causes

Famous for its election day rally, Facebook “Great App” Causes has remained in the top 10 despite significant seasonality around major events. Lately, Causes has been seeing increased traction around its birthday donation feature, though the app is down from 25 million to 17 million monthly active users in the last few weeks.

7. FamilyLink.com

FamilyLink has been riding the explosion of Facebook users over 35 in recent months, having grown to nearly 16 million monthly active users. It’s been holding steady there for the last month, up from 10 million monthly actives at the beginning of the year.

8. Flixster

Flixster’s Movies application has seen significant growth in the last quarter, from just over 6 million monthly active users to nearly 15 million. Flixster has always done well with its quiz library, and has added its own “top 5” feature recently as well.

9. 6 waves

International social game developer 6 waves burst onto the scenes earlier this year, revealing just how large its audience was (over 20 million monthly active users at the time). Since then, 6 waves’ audience has slipped to just over 13 million active users as of today, but it’s still in the top 10.

10. Quiz Monster

Quiz Monster, responsibile for some of the most prevalent quiz applications that have flourished since the Facebook redesign, has also ascended into the top 10 just in the last 4 weeks. It strongly encourages users to post their quiz results to their profile, for their friends to see in thier stream. Quiz Monster now reaches nearly 9 million monthly active users, up from 2 million just one month ago.

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