6 Ways Facebook Can Speed Up Your Weight Loss

Get yourself into swimsuit shape faster by tapping your friends' support on Facebook.

Do you need to skim off a muffin top or oversized badonkadonk? Facebook can actually help you lose weight faster!

The ever-popular social network is an entertaining and just plain fun way to get help meeting any kind of goal, with the help of positive peer pressure. Check out these weight loss-a-la-Facebook tips:

Tap Your Friends

Ideally, you want to post a status update announcing your dieting goals so that everyone on your friend list can cheer you on. But if that’s not doable, then consider sending a message to the friends who would be best at supporting you — those who’ve successfully lost weight may become your best supporters.

Consider creating a friend list consisting of folks who are diet and fitness gurus with an area of expertise that is sure to encourage your weight loss goals and help you stay the course. If a particular friend is a fitness freak and knows how to get the best results from a particular exercise regimen, ask if they could design a blueprint that you could follow which would target the areas on your bod that you’d like to chisel down.

Once your friends are in the loop, then whenever you have a moment of weakness you could post a Facebook call for help via a status update or message to your support friend list. They can

Share A Photo

Make your main image be either a picture of yourself at your goal weight — no matter how old the image is — or upload an image of yourself at your “before” state, if you have one. Let folks on your list know that you’re working on whittling away some of the weight you’ve picked up over the recent years. Before you know it, you’ll be bombarded with positive words of encouragement and comments that will fuel you to fight the good anti-fatty fight!

Create A Fan Page

A Facebook fan page that is a kind of online weight loss goal journal will allow you to keep tabs on your progress in the most real way. Post pictures of yourself at various stages. Celebrate benchmarks. Don’t be ashamed to gush over your step-by-step accomplishments. All of your successes or even some setbacks can be recorded on your fan page which serves as the best online scrapbook, so that you can see how much you’ve accomplished in your weight loss quest.

Check Out Diet Pages

There are countless groups on the social media site that offer tons of weight loss, diet and exercise tips from folks who oftentimes share a common background with you. Posting comments on the walls of these groups can help you develop a comaraderie with people who also need to make healthy lifestyle tuneups. Here are a few to get you going:

There’s An App For That!

Diet, nutrition and exercise apps on Facebook run the gamut. Look for one that’s not rocket science as far as how to get it going, and make sure it is pretty low maintenance so that you don’t get frustrated, lose interest and hightail it to your nearby Krispy Kremes.

Here are some apps that are pretty popular with the diet and exercise masses:

  • My Diet: A full-featured application that covers almost everything you could want, it tracks, manages, compares and supports;
  • Calorie Counter: Counting calories is every dieter’s albatross but this app makes it fun by telling you exactly how many pounds you can expect to lose if you push back on some of those killer but scrumptious eats each day;
  • Cardio Trainer: Helps you map your run, walk, bike or hike in real-time, then allows you to spread your good news amongst your Facebook buds.

Let Your Frenemy Motivate You

Okay, so your frenemy Abby just posted a fab pic of herself in her new white summer bikini. Heifer! And to top it all off, she keeps bugging you to post a recent photo of yourself to share amongst the masses, as if she secretly knows, you’ve gained a few.

You, on the other hand, keep sloughing off her comments.