6 TV Tips for Mediaite‘s Tommy Christopher

Earlier, out of the goodness of his stinging heart, Piranhamous offered six tips that The Daily Caller‘s Matthew Boyle might consider using to polish up his TV hits.

We now shift our focus to Mediaite‘s White House Correspondent “Tommy Christopher.” In an interview with Current TV’s Cenk Uygur Tuesday to discuss an anti-Romney ad put out by the Obama campaign, Christopher showed up in his smoky blue best (circa 1974). Whatever you think of Christopher’s standard liberal opinions, there’s nothing wrong with his content. And air quotes are always amusing. But just like at a fancy restaurant, it’s all in the presentation. Watch here.

Here are a few comments left by Mediaite readers on Christopher’s appearance (out of respect, we selected some of the more milder ones):

  • “Tommy, you don’t look well. Are you eating your greens?”
  • “Wow! I guess I had never seen a photo of Mr. Christopher before, or if I did, I didn’t pay that much attention. First glance, I said Rosie O’Donnell. No, then I thought Christopher Hitchens, No. Then I thought Michael Moore!”

Some tips to get that shine Christopher undoubtedly wants for his next TV hit:

1. The shirt collar. Collars that big are almost exclusively reserved for dogs who can’t stop biting themselves or Saturday Night Fever Halloween costumes. Go with a more modern, slimmer look next time.

2. Those buttons. At the top of the shirt. Those should be fastened. Partially because it looks more professional, mostly because unless you’re a DD-cupped woman appearing on Fox News, no one needs to see more of your flesh than necessary.

3. The hair. A little trim around the ears goes a long way. We can see Christopher and his hair have precious little time left together, but that’s no reason to abandon maintenance. Also, maple syrup should never, ever be used as hair product.

4. That smile. Don’t do it. We know it’s probably innocent but we couldn’t help but feel molested by it.

5. The spectacles. Well, if you’re going for the Harry Potter Dumbledore look, those will do.

6. The voice. Liven it up a little. By no means should you go LukeRussert loud, but a  low, just-got-up-from-my-hammock-nap grumble also doesn’t translate well on TV.