6 Reasons Why We Like The Updated Page Insights

What's not to love about the new and improved insights tool for page administrators?

Facebook’s improved page analytics give you more accurate and accessible performance measurements, saving you from having to click off the site to get a good read on things.

So here’s six reasons why we like the new and improved page insights.

More in the same place

The new insights tool adds to Facebook things that page administrators previously had to get from third-party applications. Now there’s no need to click away or open a new tab. In fact, any time you visit your own page, the souped-up analytics are right there for you.

More for less

Echoing what we said above, having capabilities on Facebook that used to require third-party software ultimately saves time (and possibly money) that used to be spent going through the export process.

More accuracy

You can now see a more precise number of tab views and external referrers. Previously, the insights tool used to low-ball these figures, so admins had to click over to third-party tools for better numbers.

More flexibility

Now you don’t need an advanced degree in spreadsheet design to make good use of the page analysis data in Excel or any other comparable third-party application.

More precise dates

Now you can look at a specific range of dates using drop-down calendar menus. Previously you had to suffer through Facebook’s week-by-week options.

It just looks better

The improved visuals really speak for themselves. The data is much easier to read.

Thanks to Eti Sturuzon for the tip!