6 Reasons why Sezmi could be the start of the next generation TV

By now you may have probably read several coverage about the coolest thing to hit the web 2.0 sphere since, well Sezmi. Offering a complete TV 2.0 experience, Sezmi is set to revolutionize the way we watch TV programs, that is how we want it, when we want it or what is commonly known as on-demand TV viewing. Some soothsayers are already saying that Sezmi could be the start of something big, and we couldn’t agree more. After taking a look at Sezmi’s site, we found six reasons why Sezmi is the start of the next generation of TV Viewing.

  • Sezmi offers a complete TV 2.0 solution in one simple package that includes broadcast and cable network programming, movies, and Internet video.
  • Sezmi is optimized for on-demand viewing by embracing the migration of consumer TV viewing away from the traditional appointment-based viewing experience and gives consumers the flexibility to watch TV programs the way they want it, when they want it. It simplifies the browsing and discovery of television content.
  • Sezmi integrates live, stored, on-demand and internet video by removing the artificial barrier between content and sources and providing a single and consistent interface across live, stored, on-demand and internet video.
  • Sezmi is personalized and tailored to individual viewer with a unique remote control for individual members of the household. Similar to a start-up page or social network, each member of the household will have their personalized homepage-like screen where they can organize TV content that they preferred and specified.
  • Sezmi extends the benefits of social networking to the TV market by allowing subscribers to share playlists with their friends and family, participate in community ratings of TV shows as well as get good recommendations from other subscribers on TV shows they have already watched. This, I must admit is one cool feature of Sezmi.
  • Sezmi was designed for self-installation with simple, out-of-the-box wireless product that consumers can setup in a matter of minutes.

If those six reasons are not enough to convince you that Sezmi is the next big thing, then check out the Sezmi site for some more details. But I’m telling you, once Sezmi goes into full blast, it going to create a buzz of “Sezmi-c” proportion.

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