6 Golden Globe Nominations Go To 'The Social Network'

The Social Network received six Golden Globe nominations, more than any other movie did this year.

The Social Network has received six Golden Globe nominations from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, more than any other movie did this year.

The nominations include three of the top awards: best motion picture, drama, for Sony Pictures; best director, for David Fincher; and best screenplay, for Aaron Sorkin.

Plus, Jesse Eisenberg got nominated for best actor and Andrew Garfield got a best supporting actor nomination for his portrayal of Eduardo Saverin.

Even the movie’s soundtrack got nominated, for best original score, which actually goes to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

Kara Swisher blogged that movie buffs see the Golden Globes nominations as a forecast for the Oscars.

However, the first one awards both television and movies, so the Globes might not represent a true prediction of the Oscars. One could also argue that the Globe organizers’ non-U.S. roots may skew the awards differently.

These accolades for the movie all have some indirect influence on Facebook’s perception by the public, even though the company’s spokespeople continue to assert that The Social Network isn’t perfectly accurate.

Similarly, award nominations turn movies into must-sees — so it will be highly unlikely to find people who haven’t seen the flick by the time the Winklevoss appeal opens in court next month.

Readers, how do you see the continued popularity of The Social Network affecting Facebook’s dealings in the real world? And which awards do you think the movie will win?

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