6 FriendFeed Tools and Applications

Here you go, Friendfeed third party applications to make your Friendfeed experience more organized, useful and fun. These six tools were solely made for FriendFeed. We didn’t include other more generic tools such as AlertThingy and Feedalizr which covers other microblogging platforms. The FriendFeed API was just made available not so long ago, so we expect to see more FriendFeed applications come up later on. In the meantime, enjoy using these tools. If you know of other FriendFeed apps we forgot, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll add them to the list.

FriendFeed SPY -lets you “spy” on what other FriendFeed people are posting on the FriendFeed site; presents real-time list of what FriendFeed users are sharing, displays the user’s name, type of content they posted and where it was posted, lets you comment on the content or link directly over to it.

MioNews – makes finding new stories fun, fast, and quick; lets you indicate which stories you like and which you don’t, get new stories recommendation, group your friends in folders, publish stories, follow topics of interest and see what the global community thinks.

FriendFeed Machine – lets you keep track of your actual friends in FriendFeed making sure that they aren’t drowned by followers who make more noise, allow syou to apply filters to your FriendFeed account

FF to Go -lets you keep track of your FriendFeed activity on your mobile phone; use your mobile web browser to access a simple FriendFeed interface which displays the 10 most recent FriendFeed post your Friends or the public timeline.

NoiseRiver – a great FriendFeed filtering app that we reviewed a couple of days ago.

FriendFeed Links – a FriendFeed meme tracker, that tracks what’s hot and new on FriendFeed