6 Facebook Habits Of The Recently Divorced Or Separated

What are recently divorced, separated or even broken up folks doing on Facebook? I'd say their antics might be fodder for cybersleuths everywhere!

What are recently divorced, separated, even broken up folks doing on Facebook?

I’d say their antics might be fodder for cybersleuths everywhere! Some might be up to no good, while others could be using Facebook as a warm and fuzzy lovey to replace the human one they’d become accustomed to for so long. If you’ve turned to Facebook to lick your post relationship wounds, the healing process might be quicker if you’re scouring wisely, and hopefully you are…but then again….

Trying to Track Down Old Flames

Looking for an old paramour, one-night stand or high school honey might just be the ticket to cheer you up from your current breakup blues.

If in your old relationship you parted as friends, then why not search for that person to your heart’s content. Looking for a past love that gave you your highest high intellectually or just plain old hot monkey love sex, ain’t a bad thing either. Just keep in mind that the rekindling might stand a better chance if the person is totally unattached.

Searching For Buddies Of Yesteryear

The burgeoning trend of re-cementing a long-lost friendship can add incredible dividends to your life. Sometimes we lose touch for various reasons with people whom were dear to our hearts. Finding that special friend, perhaps picking up where you were interrupted, celebrating your shared past and affirming your future. Talking pains through with your old ‘partner in crime’ is a much-needed gift you can give yourself, especially after going through a tough breakup. Remember, good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.

Looking to Do the Nasty

Facebook, it seems, has unleashed quite a few inner freaks in many folks. Sometimes, post-breakup, people don’t want relationships and would rather make sexual connections.

Hookups are pretty commonplace on the social networking site and according to Oxygen Media and Lightspeed Research, 50 percent of women and 65 percent of men feel that there ain’t nothing wrong with a lil’ Facebook bump and grind. If you chose to do the ‘grownup thing’ with someone you meet on the site, rely on your head (you know, the one on top of your neck) and don’t let that body part lead get you in trouble.

Overdosing on Social Browsing

Trolling the news feed, trying to keep your mind occupied instead of wallowing in self-pity is another way many have found solace when dealing with the loss of a love relationship. Honing in on particular Facebook pages that you find intriguing can give you hours of emotional gratification. Word to the wise however, know you limits and check in with the real world every now and then.

Choosing Compelling Gameplay to Bide Your Time

Facebook games like Farmville, Restaurant City or Texas Holdem Poker can entertain you for hours and actually make you forget your problems for the time being.

There are estimates of about 290 million cyber game players on the site that play an average of 3.5 hours per month. The games are undeniably fun, and multi-player gaming with friends takes it to a whole new level of excitement but know that at some point, the dog must be fed, your children must remember what you look like and your job is what’s keeping the roof over your head!

Stalking an Ex

Facebook stalking can be a gateway to an unwelcomed obsession. There are folks who are tortured, tormented with a need to know what their ex is up to. Sometimes opening a Pandora’s box can lead to troubles that you’ve only seen in movies with endings that are almost always bad. Sneaking and creeping is never the way to go.

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