6 Creative approaches to photography

News photography at its core illustrates concepts that cannnot be conveyed through the written word. As such, some of the most basic but compelling stories can be told through a series of photos.

“Boxer” is an example of such a photo story: Photographer Nicolai Howalt captures adolescent pugilists before and after their bouts. In print, the story read something like “Little Johnny’s cropped blond locks were now wild and tussled,” but by comparing the two photos side by side, viewers can form their own reactions.

The same simplistic approach can be seen in AirlineMeals.net, a photo project that catalogs thousands of modern and historic food offerings. The site serves as a unique database for those who wish to know their culinary fate before they board the plane.

As technology enters into the picture, the possibilities for still-based photography become even more open. Photographer Nicole Young set up her Nikon D200 to take intermittent snapshots of her time cleaning her kitchen. While the resulting video sounds simple, it is evidence that time-lapse photography is a great way to document events as they happen over time. The same time lapse idea was applied by father Francis Vachon to capture his very active infant son, the results of which are humorous, yet enlightening.

Some of the best ideas are the most simple. Greg Peverill-Conti aims to photograph 1,000 faces and naturally uses Flickr as the place to host the collection. While there are few criteria of who gets photographed, the idea could easily translate into a news project that captures the faces of a particular community.

Simon Høgsberg, whose work was previously covered in this previous post, has created “We’re All Gonna Die – 100 meters of existence,” a 100-meter long panoramic photograph of 178 people shot in the same spot over the course of 20 days.

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