5WPR Pitches Journalist, Then Sends Him Angry E-mail

VentureBeat executive editor Owen Thomas received a pitch from 5WPR and sent it to his reporters to review. Sounds good so far.

Then, according to Gawker, the firm sent a bunch of e-mails to follow-up. And when there was no response to these “frantic e-mails,” Thomas got a call on his mobile while he was hosting a conference. That’s when the pitch took a bad turn.

Thomas tweets the incident as a “#prfail.” So 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian jumped in with an e-mail to Thomas.

“You are aware of course its slanderous to discuss your incorrect perceptions of our agency with companies who pay us, right? I’d check with my attorneys about contacting people with incorrect information that could negatively impact us financially,” reads a portion of the e-mail.

The firm has had pitching issues in the past, but really, do you think VentureBeat will do that story now?

Update: PRNewser e-mailed Owen Thomas to find out if they did the story. Thomas responded to us: “We did run the story in question. I was already familiar with the company and its CEO and thought they were deserving of coverage regardless of their choice of PR firm.”