5th Planet working on new games, a trans-media experience and European expansion

Core developer 5th Planet revealed it has multiple new games in the works, is expanding its presence into Europe and is working to deliver a trans-media experience for Legacy of Heroes players.

Speaking to us at GDC Online, CEO Robert Winkler, COO Braden Moulton and Brian David-Marshall talked about the company’s upcoming plans, first and foremost the new games. We weren’t told the web games’ official titles, but the trio reveals the next game from their studio will be an RPG tied to the superhero collectable card game Legacy of Heroes, set in the same universe but with an original storyline.

Starting with the Episode 10 expansion of Legacy of Heroes, 5th Planet is going to start releasing a monthly 12-page comic book to help further the game’s overall plot (coinciding with each expansion); when the tie-in RPG is released, it will feature its own comics. The three also said the comics will probably be sold on the mobile and tablet comic shop ComiXology, but declined to give us further details.

5th Planet’s next game after this will be a CCG sometime in the first quarter of 2013. The developer is also working on two mobile RPGs: Legacy of a Thousand Suns (which is being co-developed with Concept Art House) and Dawn of the Dragons. When asked why they aren’t focusing on producing CCGs for tablets and smartphones (based on the incredible revenue being generated by card battling titles like Mobage’s Rage of Bahamut and DeNA’s Blood Brothers), we’re told there are plans to pursue this but the RPGs were already in the works when the genre took off on mobile platforms. As a result, the 35-person studio wanted to see things through and produce a quality finished title before starting new mobile projects.

Meanwhile, the studio is continuing to expand its presence to international markets. After becoming the top-grossing developer on platforms like Kongregate and and Armor Games, 5th Planet will be entering European markets via Plinga on a variety of platforms. Winkler tells us the first game should launch in that territory some time this November.