5th Planet Games launches Legacy of Heroes exclusively on Kongregate

5th Planet Games announced today that their super hero-themed collectible card game (CCG) Legacy of Heroes is now free to play exclusively on Kongregate.com, a games portal purchased by brick-and-mortar video game retailer GameStop in 2010.

In Legacy of Heroes players start as freshmen in the Phaeton Project, a school for young super beings known as Emergents. Using strategic thinking and a little luck, players compete in head-to-head card battles to build up their decks. Players can also customize their decks, participate in league play, complete special missions and purchase booster packs

As Inside Social Games previously reported, 5th Planet Games found great success in expanding from Facebook to other platforms and games networks. After launching Clash of Dragons on Kongregate in December 2011, 5th Planet Games reported 300,000 installs in just 30 days, a company record they in large part credit to Kongregate’s handling the promotions.

Legacy of Heroes was written and illustrated by Brian David-Marshall, who’s written for Marvel and DC comics in the past. David-Marshall was Principal and Co-Founder of New York-based game design consulting company To Be Continued LLC when it was acquired by 5th Planet Games earlier this year.

CEO of Kongregate Jim Greer said that he’s excited to support the launch of Legacy of Heroes exclusively on Kongregate, noting 5th Planet Games has published some of the most successful games on the platform, with titles receiving more than 20 million gameplayes.