55DSL Challenges You to Remix Its Logo

55DSL logo.jpgAlthough it has a certain whiff of bantam hockey, this is in fact the logo of 55DSL, the cheeky streetwear brand that was spun off from Diesel in 1994 with the motto “live at least 55 seconds per day.” We’re still trying to figure out what that means, but we wanted to pass on news that 55DSL has teamed up with Cut&Paste on a logo remix challenge. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: redesign the company’s “iconic angel/shield emblem” into a logo that “reflects 55DSL’s culture and spirit, its origins, and its future.”

You’ve got until next Friday, December 5, to get in the running for the grand prize: €1,055 (approximately $1,400 at current exchange rates) and your (re)design featured in 55DSL’s spring/summer 2010 collection. If you’ll be too busy with pumpkin pie and/or Design Miami to get your creative juices flowing before then, just go and vote on the oodles of submitted designs to help select the winner of the people’s choice award.

To give you an edge in the contest, we asked Cut&Paste executive director John Fiorelli if he had any advice for would-be remixers. “Think openly and creatively,” he advises. “What does the 55DSL brand mean to you? And shake what your mama gave you—by that, we mean your creativity and broad sense of interpretation.” So, when in doubt, look inward. Adds Fiorelli, “’55’ wants to know what you think and what matters to you.”