53% of Women Made Purchases Due to Influencer Posts (Survey)

No surprise here: Consistency and authenticity are crucial to the influencer economy.

Despite what could be considered a pervasively toxic environment, women are one of the most active groups on social media. Not only do women rule social media, but they are also influential, discerning and willing to buy based on influencer recommendations.

Bloglovin, a media platform that connects consumers with their favorite influencers, surveyed more than 20,000 women to get a better understanding of what makes influencer posts most successful. While more than 60 percent indicated that the influencer content needed to be genuine or they wouldn’t engage, more than one-half have of the women surveyed by Bloglovin also said they had bought a product or service due to an influencer post.



Facebook and Instagram are the preferred platforms for connecting and following influencers, according to the survey. 63 percent of the women surveyed said they followed influencers based on niche topics, and 62 percent said they followed for ideas and inspiration they can actually achieve in real life. A little more than one-quarter said they followed for promotions and giveaways.


No surprise here: Consistency and authenticity are crucial to the influencer economy. Inconsistent captions and photos make influencer posts appear inauthentic, according to the survey results. And too much brand messaging can make a post look fake. However, 63 percent of the survey participants said they were unbothered by disclosure tags; good news for influencers and brands concerned about the potential negative impact of Federal Trade Commission requirements.

Download the full report for more survey details.