52nd Annual Grammy Awards Get Social

After flirting with social media in 2009, the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards did a full-court press this year, reports E.B. Boyd of sister blog BayNewser, not only embracing its Facebook and Twitter accounts, but posting ads made for TV on the Web; streaming pre-Grammy events during the 72 hours leading up to the telecast; and creating a “FanBuzz Visualizer” that built composite portraits of recording artists using the text of tweets, photos from Flickr, and videos from YouTube that referenced the artist in question. For an example using Lady Gaga, click here.

CBS reported a 35 percent gain in viewership for the telecast, to a total of 26 million, and Grammy Awards chief marketing officer Evan Greene told BayNewser on the subject of social media:

I would say it played a very important role…Our numbers would certainly not have been what they were without the important component of social media being integrated across everything that we did.

For the complete story, please see BayNewser.

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