5’2″ Homeless Model’s Story Generates International Appeal, Publisher Interest


Our story of Isobella Jade — the 5’2″ homeless model-slash-aspiring memoirist who says she wrote hers entirely in heels in the Soho Apple Store — and subsequent interview are generating a wee bit of international interest. We’re not kidding.

Last week we received a note from an editor at the London Observer magazine inquiring about Jade, who confirms the level of interest — and what’s she thinks is behind it — to FishbowlNY:

I have been getting quite alot of emails and buzz, and if you google Isobella + apple store … there is over 4 pages of articles. I even got news from a few well known publishers, considering meetings with them soon, since my story is a bit blunt, loud, and raw…I really am being careful with who I chose to work with.

Jade is prepping for a pair of West Coast Apple Store readings, including this July 15 date in San Francisco:

Fashion Modeling and the Mac — The Story of Isobella Jade
Isobella Jade shares the inside story of her struggle to make it in New York City as a freelance fashion model. Hear how she’s managed both her career and her life using the services available at the Apple Store, SoHo, as she reads excerpts from her book Almost 5’4″. July 15, 6:00 p.m.

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