50 Newest Underground Apps

Here’s the 50 most-recently-added apps in what we’re calling the “Underground App Directory”. This directory is so unfiltered you’ll notice it even contains the occasional test application, which a developer has added for no apparent reason. Still, there might be one or two gems to find:

  • Link Exchange
    The Link Exchange is system that helps apps to share traffic and gain members. You post code to your site which will display thumbnails of other apps in the system, while a thumbnail and link to your app is displayed on other participating app’s pages.
  • Bill O’Reilly Talking Points
    Now you and your friends listen the past week’s Talking Points, right on your profile.
    With the Bill O’Reilly Talking Points application for Facebook, a mp3 player that plays the previous 5 days Talking Points is installed onto your profile
  • States I’ve Been To
    Share the States You’ve Been To with just a couple of clicks!
  • uWin: Daily Quiz Contest!
    Win some AMAZING prizes by answering simple questions, right from your Facebook, everyday!
  • Ask Directions
    So you have just reunited with an old friend on facebook, or just made a new friend. Either way you decide it is time to take a road trip and meet in person.With Ask Directions you can get directions directly from your profile.
  • Invites
    Send casual invitations to your close Facebook friends for events like going to happy hour or a movie. Show off your social life or join in on what your friends are up to tonight. RSVP from your phone too!
  • JiwaMusic
    Add one of our 300’000 full-length high-quality tracks to your profile!
  • Questionnaires, Surveys, Polls and Votes
    Allows you to answer surveys and display your answers on your profile. You can create your own surveys and invite your friends to answer them too. Lots more features on the way!
  • Art
    Lets you choose from thousands of pictures to hang on your profile.
  • Share Deals
    Share deals that you have found on the internet and explore, comment, and rank deals others have found.
  • QuickStalk
    Tired of searching for information on a friend’s profile? QuickStalk is a quick, easy way to search for your friends, and immediately find the information you are looking for. Skip the profile page and get to what you want. Add QuickStalk now!
  • Elbo.ws Favorite Tracks
    Elbo.ws Favorite Tracks monitors your favorite music from your personal profile and searches Elbo.ws for matching tracks. The album art and track link are then displayed on your profile page.
  • Movie Posters
    Put awesome movie posters on your wall, comment, and show your friends what you love.
  • Stuff I Hate
    List all the things that annoy you and see what’s bugging everyone else. This is similar to Interests, Activities, etc… but for the stuff that makes you angry.
  • Multiplayer Poker – Texas Hold’em
    Play live Texas Hold’em Poker with your friends. Enter ring games and tournaments to win cool prizes. Practice against 200 unique avatars in single player mode. New to Poker? Get in the game with our free strategy guide.
  • Beach Ball
    Pass the Beach Ball!
  • Apparel
    Apparel puts a box on your profile with custom apparel. Buy and sell t-shirts with your profile picture on them.
  • Baseball Fan
    For those who love baseball.
  • Sports Super Fan
    Add your favorite teams to your profile. Choose all your teams from:NCAA College Sports,
    Football (NFL, Canadian, Arena),
    Click on badges in anyone’s profile to view which of your friends support the same teams.
  • Daily Atheist Quote
    Daily quotes about atheism displayed on your profile!
  • PhotoBubbles
    What did she say? What was he thinking? With PhotoBubbles, it’s up to you.
  • Runescape Info
    Displays your Runescape stats on your profile page for anyone daring enough to visit.
  • Hikkup
    Get feedback from your friends or get something off your chest.-Send anonymous messages to one or more friends
    -Chat anonymously in real-time
    -Post Hikkups to your profile
  • Google Search
    Google Search on your profile. It’s really simple, all you do is type in your query and hit search.
  • Jukebox
    A playlist-based music player for your profile. Super cool.
  • Broadcasts
    Broadcast your favorite RSS stories to your News Feed and Mini-Feed. It also posts to your Facebook profile. It even works with your phone!
  • Fighters’ Club
    Fighters’ Club allows users to pick beefs with their friends, gather support and beat their opponents at an appointed showdown time – whoever gathers the more support wins! Also, if you just want to mess around with your buddies, the FightPoke Central is for you 🙂
  • Upcoming
    Show all the events you’re going to on your profile. Find even more stuff to do with Upcoming.
  • Live Blog
    Live Blog is a simple and easy to use blog, yet introduces powerful features like setting your mood, location, and music. It supports HTML and Youtube videos, so you can express yourself with images, words, and music!
  • Gottabet
    With Gottabet, you can create fun bets with your friends. It’s totally free, so this is all for the bragging rights. Your bets will be shown on your profile, and you can challenge your friends to do anything.
  • BrainFall.com Quiz Results
    With this application, Facebook users can finally store and display their results from BrainFall.com personality quizzes in their profiles and on their own results pages. Users and their friends can access their full results anytime.
  • myRSS
    With myRSS you can put any RSS feed on your profile. Don’t have any, browse through your friends’ feeds to stay in the loop!
  • Greek Family Tree
    Keep track of your fraternity or sorority genealogy.
  • Location
    Share your location with your Facebook friends from the Web or mobile phone. This is real-time, guys and gals. When you update your location, it will display on your profile map. You can control it’s privacy settings also. So no worries there!
  • SwemTools
    Search the Swem Library (William and Mary) catalog and website. Also set and display your position within the library to share with your friends. Most useful for those group projects and you need to find each other.
  • Sexual Offenders List Illinois
    This application shows you the picture,name and address of registered sex offenders for your hometown in Illinois, plus you can easily check to see if the offender is on Facebook. The application also displays an image slideshow of the offenders on your profile, so your friends will be able to familiarize themselves with the local sex offenders. Both the application page images and text and the slideshow images also link to their SexualOffendersList.Org offender page, which contains more information about the offender.
  • OneBigMix
    Create a friends-only audio streaming network and listen to you and your friends’ music collections right from your facebook account. No uploading of files to a server necessary. This app is in Beta and I’d appreciate any bug reports and feedback (use the discussion board on the About page)
  • Expressions
    Add Personality to your profiles with Expressions. Similar to wallpaper for your profile. Display eye catching designs (called Expressions) that: Express who you are, What you’re feeling and the Things you like.
  • My First FaceBook Application
    this is first application that i
    submitted to face book
  • Multiplayer Poker – Texas Hold’em
    Play live Texas Hold’em Poker with your friends. Enter ring games and tournaments to win cool prizes. Practice against 200 unique avatars in single player mode. New to Poker? Get in the game with our free strategy guide.
  • My First Application
    my first application
  • Countdown
    Create countdowns to birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and major events, and display them directly in your profile. Also browse your friends’ countdowns.
  • Praise You
    Anonymously praise and criticize your friends, let them do the same to you. Watch your position in global Most Praised rank list.
  • Friends Collage
    Add a collage of your friends pictures to your profile! Don’t play favorites with your friends, instead provide a cool artistic collage of your friends on your profile.
  • Friend Fit
    Do you have two friends who need to be introducted to each other for any reason? If you want to point one of your friends to someone else’s profile, use this tool to do so!
  • Visual Bookshelf
    Build up a virtual bookshelf by searching the Amazon book inventory.
    * See what your friends are reading
    * show others whats on your real bookshelf
    * Clean low-text look on your profile
    * Recommend books on your bookshelf to your friends
  • Travel Map
    Show people where you’ve traveled throughout the world!
  • IM
    Instant message your friends on Facebook.
  • Power Polls
    Power Polls allows you to create polls to place on your profile so friends, schoolmates and the public can view and take them. You can add an unlimited number of poll choices, search others’ polls and much more!
  • My Computer
    Use this application to put your computers stats on your profile. Later updates will include the option to be counted for the top five computers in the world.