50% iPhone Users Ignore Sync and Updates

David Chartier, a former Mac World writer, revealed that nearly 50% of the iPhone users ignore to sync their iPhones with iTunes after unboxing the phone. Call it laziness or lack of awareness of the iPhone user to keep their devices up to date, whatever it is, it shows that so many iPhone devices are on the same initial state, absent critical security updates.

Ignoring updates and not syncing with iTunes indicates that the users also lack the small fixes that improve performance and Apple customers are also deprived from the cool new features that have been released from time to time since they first bought their iPhone. Apparently this user behavior indicates the primary source of complaints from customers who fail to understand why new features don’t work on their iPhones.

Mr. Chartier wrote on his blog.

I’m surprised to hear this number pegged so low at 50 percent (I assumed more users plugged into iTunes at least infrequently). If true though, I find it interesting that it is still much lower than just about any statistic you will hear about how many traditional computers users backup.