5 Ways Twitter Can Instantly Make Your New Year's Eve Amazing

December 31 is a night to reflect on the past year. And with the explosion of social media in 2010, there’s no more appropriate way to ring in the new year than with Twitter. Whether you have plans or not, whether you’re old or young, there’s a well-earned place for tweets on this traditional party night. Here are five top ways that Twitter can trigger an upswing in your evening — in a flash.

1. Alerting You to the Better Party Location. Just because you’ve made plans for New Year’s Eve in advance doesn’t mean that your plans are going well, or that it’s too late to make a last minute change. Even if you hadn’t planned on party-hopping, the instantaneous nature of tweets can tell you what’s going on right now. So if you need a change of scenery, look for tweets from your socialite friends or party spots for information. Just keeping tabs on tweets from the club Pacha NYC, for example, could let you know when it’s the perfect time to head over for a top-notch night.

2. Reminding You of Your Friends and Family. Even if you can’t spend New Year’s with the ones you love, a quick Twitter update or two can let you know what they’re up to. And on an evening where people typically reflect on the previous year and the people they are grateful for in life, a tweet from an old friend can inspire a smile on your face and turn your night around.

3. Supply You With Good Conversation Starters. As long as you have a well-stocked list of people you’re following, Twitter can give you great little nuggets of information to impress the company you’re with. Stuck in a group of work friends and all they can do is talk about petty office dilemmas? Spice up the conversation with a random tidbit from a tweet — like the Romanian New Year’s Eve bear ritual that Huffington Post tweeted about today. Trying to impress a date? Quickly add a Twitter user from one of her interests — whether she or he is a foodie or a photographer — and show off your diverse knowledge base.

4. Give You Something To Do When the Champagne Runs Out. Ever need a break from the party? Consider stepping out on a rooftop somewhere to scroll through your tweets from the last few hours. Holidays and huge social nights like New Year’s Eve can get overwhelming, and sometimes you need to remove yourself from the situation for a little bit. Sure, it’s a cliche to be the one checking your BlackBerry or your Tweetdeck app at a party — but if a little breather will ultimately make you a better guest, then it’s probably acceptable.

5. Allow You to Brag About Your Night. Since it’s a holiday, go ahead and indulge a little. It’s okay to (graciously) let people know that you’re having a good time, and who knows, you might give them the inside scoop on what the hot spots are. Just don’t tweet like an obnoxious celebrity and you’ll be fine.

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