5 Ways to Use Facebook Unprofessionally

After reading an interesting post the other day about how to use Facebook professionally, I thought I would have a little fun and put a twist on the professional aspect of Facebook. Given that your social and professional lives can end up on Facebook, I figured why not show what you probably shouldn’t be doing on Facebook. If you are using Facebook you may have seen or experienced some of the items that I cover in this post. Trust me, these are things that you shouldn’t be doing.

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Message Contacts When You Don’t Know Them
So you have now come to realize that there are some great contacts on Facebook. Why not start leveraging these contacts whenever you have the opportunity, right? If you want to use Facebook unprofessionally, get out there and start messaging people that you have never even met. That’s always a great way to form lasting relationships. The world is yours for the taking so get out there and leverage all those relationships that you’ve never created.

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Post Photos of those “Good Times” You Had
So you had a little to much fun one night. If you don’t have memories of it I’m sure one of your great friends will be there to capture it on camera. Call up your friends and tell them to post all those pictures from when you and your friends went out and had a blast. Make sure that they tag you in the photo so all of your contacts can see the evidence. This is a great way for you to get hired. When your potential employer sees the photos, no worries! Everyone has a wild side, right?

Randomly add friends
Go browse for attractive people and send them messages like “Nice butt baby!” Then proceed to add them as a friend. Next find people with similar interests and send them a friend request without ever having spoken to them or sending them a message. Some say that, “The quality of your Facebook experience will be based on the quality of the people in your network.” Boy are they wrong. Get out there, browse through people at random and start adding them as friends. This is a competition to see who is the most popular. So get to it!

Put 100 Applications on Your Profile
Consider this: your friends load up your profile with the intention of writing on your wall. Instead of just scrolling down real quick, they spend the next hour scrolling through all of the applications you have placed on your profile. With each application you think to yourself about how this will force your friends to spend more time on your profile. Don’t be selective in your application selection, just start adding. There are over 2000 applications so there has to be at least 100 that you can add to your profile. Don’t think about it, just do it. It will make your profile look more pretty and user friendly.

Set Your Security Settings to a Minimum
You are an amazing person, so let the whole world know about it. Rather than allowing only your friends to view your profile, let everyone see in. While you’re at it, also make sure to place your home address, phone number and any other personally identifiable information that you can come up with. This will make it easier for others to get in contact with you. Isn’t it great when a random person knocks on your door and says “Surpise, I saw you on Facebook so I thought I’d stop by!”

If you follow the 5 steps that I have outlined above, you will be on your way to using Facebook unprofessionally. Seriously, there is nothing wrong with letting the whole world know that you’re amazing and want to be their friend! Be wild, be popular, be transparent. This is the place to let your personal life out into the open! Party time!