5 Ways to publish your social media messages

Looking for a way to archive your social media messages or posts? Many new services are making it easy for you to transform your posts into books and more.



What happens to your tweets after send them out? With Twournal they don’t have to disappear into the ether, never to be seen again. For a nominal fee, you can print every tweet you’ve ever tweeted, or just those you select, into a bound book. A Twournal can be printed in black and white or color, and can include TwitPics and retweets if you choose. (You can check out mine here).



EgoBook can turn your Facebook status updates, wall messages, and comments into a highly personalized yearbook of content. The cover includes the profile photo of your choosing, as well as a photo mosaic of all your friends or the friends of the recipient.


Tweet Towel

Printing your social media messages isn’t just limited to paper. Get extra posh with Tweet Towels — tea towels embroidered with the tweet of your choice. A great gift for mom or to a unique way to put the “social” in “social gathering.”


Book of Fame

Book of Fame puts a different spin on the printed social media messages by creating a personalized notebook that includes Facebook status updates from you and your friends at the bottom of each page. Use it as a diary or to write status updates next to your status updates (how meta). If you prefer a product with your Twitter messages, check out TweetNotebook.



Printing your collected messages isn’t just limited to your social media posts. As mentioned in this previous post, Blog2Print can take you WordPress, TypePad or Blogger blog and turn into a printed tome that includes any photos, and comments if you wish. The cost depends on the number of printed pages your blog archives, but on average runs about $20-30.