5 Types Of Facebook Fans You Need To Cultivate

Here are five types of Facebook fans who can help make your page better, as identified by North Social Brand Manager Jack O'Hurley.

If you’ve ever hosted a cocktail party, you know there are clearly certain guests that make the party one worth attending. Your Facebook page is no different. It’s also known for a cast of lively and conversational characters that can bring just as much to the table as your promotions, custom apps, and daily status updates.

These fans’ comments, contributions and honest feedback show new fans and drive-by visitors that they came to the right place. Because we manage a page with over 86,000 fans on a daily basis, we’ve been able to single out a few of the types who need to cultivate.

Well, without further ado, say hello to the five types of fans guaranteed to help make your Facebook page one to remember — be sure to treat them right.

1. The Dolphin is quick to the rescue by protecting your brand and keeping nay-sayers at bay. They are built-in customer support and a voice of reason, defending accusations with positive reviews.

2. The Happy-Go-Liker has an enthusiastic trigger finger; your status updates are their version of whack-a-mole. Their mouse-clicking habit enables your brand to frequently show up in their friend’s news feeds, making these fans a critical component of building a following.

3. The Smoke Detector will be the first to notify you if there’s an issue with your products or services. Remember to keep the detectors’ batteries charged by acknowledging their good deeds.

4. The Loyalist never lets you down – – even on a Friday afternoon, when you ask, “What are your plans for the weekend?” Loyalists view your brand as a friend and appreciate the authentic voice you bring to your posts.

5. The Pollinator is a true evangelist, eager to share your next post with their friends. Pollinators stay plugged into your page for fan-only knowledge to grow their cred as social influencers.

Attracting these alpha fans is an essential part of growing and maintaining an effective Facebook page; keep these folks’ virtual drinks topped off and they’ll help grow your presence on the social network.

Have a fan type to add to this “most desirable” list? Post in the comments, we’d love to hear from you — Mr. or Ms. Loyalist.

Guest writer Jack O’Hurley is brand manager at North Social.