5 Tricks For Carving Out A Clique On Facebook

If you seem to be missing the important news amid a seeming clutter of friends' postings, that could mean you need a way to prioritize things. Here's five ways to do that.

The average Facebook user has 100 people on his or her friend list, but many have lists numbering in the thousands. How manageable the list is doesn’t have to do with numbers, but rather organization. If you seem to be missing the important news amid a seeming clutter, that could mean you need a way to prioritize things. Today we solve this by bringing you five simple tips to help you build a tighter circle within the social network.

1. Create Your “In Crowd” List

Click the drop down box on the right hand side of your home page. Select the Edit Friends choice.

The edit friends screen will appear, and on the top you will see this box.

Select the button on the right-hand side labeled create a list button the right hand side; that will take you to the screen you see below, and it will include a list of friends beneath.

Here, you will be able to click the profile pictures of those you want to be able to check in with regularly (or in this case, pages I want to frequent).

Chances are, your finished lists will probably be a bit longer than what you see above. Use this tool to make organizing your ever-growing list of friends and pages on Facebook fast and simple. If you are making a list of pages, simply return to the edit friends screen; on the left hand menu you will be able to access all of your lists.

2. Whittling Your News Feed

Facebook has made it simple to navigate through status updates only so you don’t miss a beat with your core clique. At the top of your news feed screen you will see two labels: top news and most recent. Select most recent. Click it a second time, and the following pull-down menu will appear.

Select the status updates choice, and you will be able to sift through only the thoughts of your friends. Note: This does leave out video and article posts to walls.

3. Tagging Friends

It’s a simple addition to posts, but many are tagging their best friends in posts that appear both on the page of the tagger as well as your tagged friend of choice. If they add the location it offers the business’ page promotion completely free of cost.
Let your friends know who you are going out with tonight by simply add the @ symbol, and without a space begin typing in the name of choice.

4. Hiding Status Updates

While I occasionally am interested in hearing about Mike’s eating habits and Jessica’s work schedule, occassionaly it’s time to shut out the blather of those not in your core circle. To do so, go to your news feed and Pscroll your mouse over a post from the user you wish to stop receiving updates from, and you will see an X above it to the right.

After you click on the x, select the option “hide all” to make that person’s updates disappear from your feed.

Unblocking Users
Once you have hidden posts, it’s a bit trickier to unblock them, although not impossible. There are two places to do this, one at the top of your news feed and the other at the bottom. The first appears if you click on the words most recent, then click them again to bring the drop-down menu and at the bottom you’ll see the words edit options. You can find that same exact phrase by scrolling all the way to the bottom of your news feed. Whichever way you want to get to those two words, click on them and you’ll see the following menu appear.

It is here that you can edit your hide post list, and give your update-heavy friends on the social network a second chance.

5. The Dreaded Un-Friending

Unfortunately, there are situations where you simply have to defriend people. Break-ups and fights may warrant use of the unfriend button. This simple option is slightly hidden from view. To begin, go to the profile of the person you are looking to oust. Once there, go down the page and under the friend list you will see this menu.

It’s acceptable to feel a bit of remorse upon scrolling over that unfavorable button. It is the ultimate sign your in crowd is changing. With one click to confirm you are separated from the person you no longer desire to be apart of your social network, or potentially even your real life.
Readers, do you agree with this set of suggestions for cultivating cliques on Facebook? Do you have other recommendations?