5 Tools To Talk To Your Favorite Celebrity On Twitter

Alright, admit it: the first time you signed on to Twitter, you did a little search for your favorite celeb. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’ve all done it. Twitter is a fascinating new medium in part because it gives the appearance that you’re only a quick tweet away from those larger-than-life figures you’ve admired from afar. And while that might just be an illusion on the most part, there are several tools out there to help you stalk – erm… follow your favorite celebrities on Twitter.

Sure, you can just do a little Googling or Twitter searching and click “follow” beside Ashton Kutcher’s username. But his tweets will be lost in the sea of tweets in your timeline, and you won’t be able to easily keep him, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga separate from your friend from college and your coworker.

Celebrity Tweet

With a tagline like “stalk celebrities on Twitter”, you know Celebrity Tweet has to be good.

It is basically a website which aggregates all of the tweet from a list of celebs curated by their editorial team. It displays the tweets in real-time, and looks similar to a home timeline – if you followed celebs and no one else. So if you’re dying to hear about Ashley Tisdale’s hair do and Serena Williams’ complaints about the morning, this is the resource for you.


With a smaller list of celebs than Celebrity Tweets, Celebrifeed nonetheless gives you the juicy gossip straight from the mouths of your celebrity obsessions. And what’s more, it lets you tweet directly to any of the celebs in the list with a simple drop-down tweet field containing the celebrities’ Twitter usernames.

This tools is perfect if you want to not only watch a continuous stream of celebrity tweets, but also try to get your brilliant, funny and insightful tweets seen by them, even for just a second.

Celebrities that Twitter

This one is all about the interface. In a zen-like cloud, you’ll see a stream of rainbow-colored celebrity Twitter names float down from above, each displaying a single tweet. Take a look at the screenshot below, and tell me it isn’t a great design.

Celebrities that Twitter shows you the latest tweets from your favorite celebrities, and it also comes in widget form so you can add it to your blog and never be far from the wisdom that comes from Kanye.

Tweet A Celeb

This bubble-gum pink and blue website gathers every celebrity you can imagine and offers up a neat little profile box for each. At a glance you can see how many times Britney Spears has tweeted, how many people are following 50 Cent, and Justin Timberlake’s latest tweet.


If your love of Jennifer Aniston goes beyond just what she’s tweeting about and extends to what anyone, anywhere is saying about her, Celebritwee is the place for you.

They feature a different group of celebrities each day, and serve up “fresh tweets about Hollywood’s A-Listers” – combing the Twitterverse for any mention of that particular celeb’s name.