5 Tools That Will Turn Your Facebook Page Into A Book

We all know that we won’t be using Facebook forever (look at Friendster and MySpace). For those of you that want to save your Facebook page for posterity, there are a number of companies that will let you create print books out of your Facebook pages. We’ve put together a list of five of these companies that will print out your favorite photos, status updates and comments, so that you can save them as a book. Below find our list of companies with descriptions about what their services do and a link back to their sites.

5 Tools That Will Turn Your Facebook Page Into A Book

1. Likebook: “You liked it, share it, exchange it on Facebook, but do you do with those moments once published ? Do you remember what you were doing on summer 2009 or who were your friends at the time? What if it was possible to print Facebook to keep, archive and share his live ?All this information remains on Facebook’s servers and will eventually escape your memory. With Likebook you preserve your story in a unique object in your personality. The great moments of your life, like the small ones, no longer fall into oblivion and regain their rightful place … In your hands!”

2. Yearly Leaf: “Yearly Leaf is an experiment in social permanence. Yearly Leaf captures your Facebook updates, posts and check-ins and magically turns your story into a timeless book.”

3. Fonicle: “Create a printed Journal or free eBook from your facebook updates.”

4. Social Memories: “Social Memories – your service for a very special kind of photo products. Collect your greatest moments from Facebook, Twitter & Co. Add videos to the photo book online and enjoy them every day.

5. WinkiWoo: “Winkiwoo is an incredible Facebook application that everyone is talking about. Create Photo Books and Status Books using your Facebook photos and those of your friends and family.”