5 Tips And Guides For Getting The Most Out Of #NewTwitter

As we reported this morning, anyone still using the old version of Twitter will be upgraded to #NewTwitter later this week. And that might mean a lot of people who have been staunchly refusing to make the switch manually scrambling to figure out the new layout, features, and tricks of #NewTwitter.

Here are five fantastic resources for getting the most out of #NewTwitter, so you can tweet with confidence from your new Twitter.com:

Some Essential Things to Know About the New Twitter

Read this article for an overview of the core features that make #NewTwitter different from the old Twitter. You’ll be guided through the brand-new details panel, which has been greatly expanded, and given a glimpse into the keyboard shortcuts you can use to navigate more easily. This is a great place to start.

Navigate Twitter Like a Pro – Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Speaking of shortcuts, we’ve got ’em. #NewTwitter comes fully loaded with keyboard shortcuts for you to flip between tweets, timelines and actions like retweeting or replying. This is a comprehensive list of all of the keyboard shortcuts you’ll need to speed up your #NewTwitter navigation.

How to Redesign Your Background for the New Twitter

One of the first things you’ll notice when you switch over to #NewTwitter is the larger content area and smaller background area. And this is bad news if you have a nice custom-made background that fit perfectly on the old Twitter, as you’ll have to do some redesigning to make it fit. This guide will go through the dimensions you need to adhere to, and how to make your background visible to all visitors to your new profile page.

How To Increase Engagement on the New Twitter Profile

Along with some new features comes new ways to increase engagement on #NewTwitter. The tips in this article cover new considerations when it comes to your profile picture, background, and adding multimedia to your Twitter account such as videos and photos.

How to Retweet Like the Old Days Using HootSuite

And lastly, for those with a bit of nostalgia, here is an article which shows you how to return to the old way of retweeting that #NewTwitter abandoned. Using HootSuite, you can retweet using the “RT @username” setup, rather than the automated retweeting that #NewTwitter uses, which doesn’t allow for any additional commenting. Check it out!