5 Things Your Facebook Page Can Do This Summer

Business may slow down in July and August, but Facebook sure doesn't. Here's five things your page can do to keep fans during the summer.

I hope you had a nice holiday weekend. Now that’s a message you want to convey on your Facebook page for the benefit of all your employees, business partners, suppliers and customers. But what are you going to post for the rest of the summer?

The business world may slow down in July and August, but people continue to log on to Facebook at the same pace. So your page still needs to keep updating at the same pace. Here’s some ideas that will help you do exactly that.

Summer Photos And Videos

Ask your colleagues to take pictures of events they attend or organize, for sharing on your Facebook page. With each photo update, include a posting asking your customers, suppliers and business partners to contribute images as well. You can increase the amount of comments you get on images by captioning them with questions, ideally written with a view toward triggering emotional responses.
Now, you simply cannot limit this to photos of conferences or business meetings because they tend to peter out during July and August. If your company has an employee picnic or other summer outing, sharing pictures of the event can provide a great branding opportunity for your Facebook page. Ask everyone who attends to contribute photos to the page and to tag them accordingly. Why not also use that as an opportunity to ask your fans to share photos from their work-related outings? And speaking of picnics…

Summer Destinations

Depending on your page’s overall theme, you might want to post content about the site of your company’s picnic and possibly use that as a segue to suggest the best destinations in the area for summer outings. From there, you could ask your page’s fans to suggest their favorite parks, nature preserves, museums, beaches, and so on.

Summer Reading

And speaking of beaches, there’s summer reading suggestions. You could cull your employees’ favorite books and make a list of them, then follow it with a question asking your fans what they’re bringing to read at the pool, beach, park and so on.

Weather Tips

No matter where you’re located, you’ve got interesting weather to deal with in July and August. Fans appreciate posts about how to keep cool in hot places without spending a fortune on air conditioning. Those who live in areas at risk for hurricanes would probably appreciate a post on how to be prepared for said events. The same goes for regions that get wildfires, tornadoes and so on.


Have you been procrastinating — putting off an upgrade of your website’s Facebook plugins to the latest versions? Summer’s a great time to do this kind of work.

Readers, what are you doing with your Facebook presence this summer?