5 Things You Might Not Know About Amazon

While you may be aware of the many details about Amazon’s — the company sells more eBooks than print books, they own Audible.com and they sell diapers — the company is hard at work on many business ventures that may surprise you. For example, did you know that Amazon sells groceries in a service similar to Fresh Direct or that Amazon owns IMDB?

In a discussion thread on Quora, Quora users discussed the question, “What are some things that Amazon does that would surprise normal people?” and various Amazon employees and users shared responses.

Paul Smart, product manager at Amazon wrote: “In Seattle, Amazon sells fresh groceries (i.e. milk, eggs, bread, etc.) through itsAmazonFresh.com website. Orders are delivered by Amazon drivers in Amazon trucks from local Amazon facilities. You can usually order by midnight for delivery before you wake up the next morning, or order by 1pm for delivery in time for dinner. If your order is big enough or if you spend enough during a given month, you get free delivery. You can also add some of the most popular Amazon.com items to your order, so it’s a nice way to get super fast, free delivery of regular Amazon products, too.”

Mohak Gambhir, an anonymous user, pointed out: “Amazon uses lockers at 7-Eleven outlets to drop shipments when the recipient is unavailable. These are access controlled by codes made available to buyers.”

Rob Brambley, a prime subscriber and AWS user, wrote: “Amazon is making social games. Their first title is called Living Classics.”

Joaquin Delgado, an “observer, listener,” wrote: “A lot of people don’t know about Amazon’s ‘Elastic Compute Cloud’, which is actually used to run large portions of the internet many ‘normal’ people see today. Elastic Compute Cloud rose to public attention when it powered down during a lightening storm in Virginia in 2012 and severely affected day to day operations at Instagram, Netflix, and Pinterest.
Phoebe Gavin, Ten Year Amazon Customer, wrote: “Amazon makes independent movies.”

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