5 Things You Can Do On Twitter To Make Sure You Don’t Get Hired [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re out there looking for a job, you can bet your employer is going to look up your social media profiles. And that includes Twitter.

This infographic outlines the five things you can do on Twitter so that you don’t get the job you dream of. Take my advice – don’t take theirs!

So just how are companies using social media in their hiring and firing processes?

Just under half of those companies examined (45 percent) use social media to screen potential employees. So you basically have a 1/2 chance that the person doing the hiring is checking out your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles.

And, while Twitter isn’t the most popular network for employers to check, as only about seven percent say they do, it is among the four most popular, and growing every year.

A startling finding from this infographic is that most of what employers find on social media does not endear them to the candidate. Only 18 percent of what they see on that candidate’s social media profiles is positive, while 35 percent was negative – and caused them not to hire the individual.

For the list of five things you can do on Twitter to not get hired, take a look at the full infographic from MindFlash.com below: