5 Things: The Best PRNewser Listicle Posts of Q1

five-thingsICYMI: We have been having some fun with listicles. You know? The posts that begin with “5 Things…

They get your attention, and for good reason because we try to inundate those posts with information you can use on a daily basis. Thanks to our awesome readers of PR Newser, our “5 Things” lists will continue for at least another quarter. While you have been a vital part of our extended bloggerific family for years, we thought it may be of use to offer the five best “5 things” posts of the first quarter. Based on comments, traffic, interest, and overall journalistic (slash) PR value, here they are for your amusement and edumication.

So, away we go…

Crisis Ahead5. 5 Quick Tips for Your Next Crisis Communications Plan. This aspect of PR is just one of those things you either love or run away from as fast as Precious en route to the ice cream truck. Crisis is no laughing matter and you need to be on your A-game to make any difference for the client that so desperately needs it. While this post shared the importance of priorities and positioning, the main takeaway is preparedness. Like with any calamity, you purchase insurance in the hopes that you never have to use it. That’s a crisis communications plan — you hope you never need it, but if you need, you are so glad you have something in the glass case when you break it in case of emergency.


Journalism! 4. The 5 Big Questions PR Pros Should to Know How to Answer. The reason for this post was because many flacks know they love this industry, but few understand why. So, when a journalist asks a polarizing question, PR pros experience their brain going into screen saver mode. Questions like “Should interns be paid,” “Will social save journalism,” and “Can anyone do this job” made the list because they are popular queries by reporters about what we do. Another reason why it’s important to know the answer to these questions — arguably, the most important reason — so your mom will finally figure out what you do for a living. Right?!


extra-headlines3. 5 Not-So-Secrets to Writing Great Headlines. From using numbers to being punny, headlines are the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter if you write for the New York Post (masters of headlines) or the Aberdeen Times in Idaho, a good headline will help generate traffic and awareness for a story deserving of the notoriety. As we shared, 8 of 10 people only read the headline anyway, so you need to bring it with the smarts. That, or at least know how to get someone’s attention. Like anything Justin Bieber does, except for the right reasons.


keep_calm_and_love_reporters2. 5 Secrets Every PR Pro Should Know About Reporters. Of course this was going to get your attention, but thankfully, it did for the right reasons. Journalists are a different breed. I’ve been called “different” most of my life, even when I wasn’t in the newsroom, so I can appreciate the back-handed compliment. Essentially, some PR pros have never been inside a newsroom so there are things to know about our beloved reporters that would help a relationship go a long way. Things like “knowing who they are,” “appreciating angles,” and for crying out loud, “be brief.” If we can master what they need, we may end up mastering what we want in the process — ink.


public speaking1. 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Speaking in Public. It’s called glossophobia, and unfortunately (and a tad ironically) many people in PR suffer from this condition — the fear of public speaking. For decades, this has surpassed heights as America’s number one reason for sweaty palms and monkey butt, but it’s true. Pitching, new business, or even meeting clients can be nerve-racking for many flacks. These tips were very important for some people, as we heard, so please review accordingly. Your clients — and boss — will thank you for it.