5 Sure Fire Headlines That Will Always Get Your Fans' Attention

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-Magazines Stack Icon-Copywriting is one of the most important skills for developing a successful presence on the web. Compelling content helps drive traffic and can get users coming back to your Facebook Page on a regular basis. Of all the copywriting skills you should master, headline writing is the most important. There are numerous resources on the web for developing effective headlines but the best resources are also the most frequently used and eventually the impact is reduced. That’s why it’s important to always search for effective headlines.

The easiest place to find effective headlines is on a magazine rack. There are numerous things that make people buy magazines but outside of provocative images, headlines are there to grab a user’s attention. With numerous magazines on a rack, headlines are an important differentiator. That’s why you should go browse a magazine rack and find which headlines stand out to you. I always reference Cosmopolitan magazine as a great headline resource.

Most often Cosmopolitan magazine makes sexual references but they occasionally use non-sexual headlines as well. All their headlines grab a user’s attention and learning from one of the top selling magazines is always a great way to improve your copywriting. Before listing out 10 powerful headlines that will drive instant traffic to your site, let me note that these headlines are most effective to drive users from your Faceook Page to external websites. While you can use them within custom tabs on your Facebook Page, the main goal is to drive users to a destination and then to have them provide feedback.

If you continuously provide compelling content, users will always return for more.

5 Headlines That Will Always Get People To Click

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How to articles are always extremely popular especially when you offer the reader a tangible benefit from reading. Headlines get people in the door and one of the best ways to get readers to your site is to teach them something. Whatever you are teaching the reader, make sure that the headline appeals to your reader base. Teaching marketers how to hang a painting is great but even better is to help them improve their existing skill base.

You can substitute the words in this headline to be “How To [Random Task] That [Great Benefit]”.

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List articles are also extremely effective at getting readers in the door. The reason is that they expect to instantly get a significant benefit just from reading. There are numerous versions of this headline but you can easily duplicate the impact of using this headline by filling in the blanks “X Things Every [Target Market] Should Know About [Specific Topic]”.

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Being an expert at whatever you do, you have a lot of information to share with your reader. If someone was to ask you: “What is the most important lesson that you’ve learned from working as a [fill in the blank]?” What would you tell them? Take that information and put it in a post and you’re practically guaranteed to drive a lot of users to your site. It piques the user’s interest and then informs them. You can follow up the article by asking them to take an action, such as becoming a fan of your Facebook page.

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This one is pretty straight-forward. Offer your readers an extremely valuable proposition. Whether it’s something you are giving away for free, or a benefit from purchasing something, this is called an “Irresistible Offer”. In his famous book “The Irresistible Offer: How To Sell Your Product in 3 Seconds or Less”, Mark Joyner spells out how to turn copywriting into sales. The most important thing to closing the sale is to ….. (drumroll please) … create a compelling offer! If you take the time to provide something valuable, your readers will thank you for it.

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Want to get your fan base to try out something that you thought was an extremely valuable service or product? Turn a headline into a powerful testimonial. Be honest, be succinct, and speak positively and you’ll instantly get your fans to click on a link.

Daily Task

Start brainstorming potential headlines that will most effectively grab the attention of your target market. Proceed to develop content around each of those headlines. If you develop writer’s block and need other headline ideas, check out the book “Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich” by David Garfinkel. If you really can’t come up with any other headlines, search for “swipe file” in Google and you’ll find tons of resources for smart headlines that will get people to flock to your articles.