5 Huge Shifts for Content Marketing on the Horizon

"Move over marketers — brand journalists are taking the reins."


Hana Abaza, director of marketing at Uberflip, recently wrote an insightful blog post about what’s in store for content marketing this year, highlighting five big shifts. Here are the first three:

  1. Marketing team makeup
  2. If you don’t clearly define organizational roles within the context of a well-thought-out online content marketing strategy, it’s going to cost you. Start with your marketing team and then expand to include your sales team. Define team members’ relationship to the content you’re putting out and what their role will be in creating, distributing, and following up on the results.

  3. Responsive design will be a “must have”
  4. Creating a responsive design experience for your content channels (and all of your online properties) should be baked into your content planning processes. Every time a new asset, page, blog, or anything else is rolled out, design for and test it for every screen size. While this may involve a larger initial investment in terms of budget — and time — you’ll be setting your content up for maximum consumption and discoverability moving forward.

  5. Link earning will (eventually) trump link building
  6. Every now and then, content marketers will need to invest in time-consuming, non-scalable pieces of “big content,” as they have the potential to outperform 100 smaller pieces of content you may have created with the same amount of time and budget. This might include comprehensive resources or guides, long-form or in-depth articles, or perhaps even a tool or app that also acts as a free resource for your audience.

For more information on the above shifts, and to see the last two, see Abaza’s full post for the Content Marketing Institute.

*featured image credit: nextstagemediagroup.com