5 Scientifically Sound Ways To Get More Twitter Followers [Infographic]

Twitter isn’t a science – it’s an art. It’s the art of the conversation, the art of a professional veneer with a personal touch. But still, there are plenty of measurables on Twitter, not the least of which is follower count. If you’re looking to increase your Twitter followers (as even those who say follower count doesn’t matter usually are), check out this infographic that shows five thoroughly researched ways for getting more followers.

Coming to us through Memeburn, this infographic covers some pretty basic ground for the most part. It asks that people fill out their bio, add a profile picture, and link to their homepage for more followers. It explains that being negative will turn them away. But it also points out one very interesting tidbit of information that goes against the grain of what’s being said on Twitter and other social networks.

Call yourself a “Guru”. Go ahead. Do it. You’ll find that you will end up with about 100 more followers than the average Twitter user if you do.

If you haven’t heard it at conferences, bars, hashtag chats or anywhere else social media professionals hang out, the preferred wisdom is that you never, under any circumstances, call yourself a guru. There is no such thing as a social media guru, the nay-sayers protest, and you’ll only detract from your professionalism if you call yourself one.

But that might not be the case, at least not on Twitter.

This infographic shows that “Gurus” have more followers than “Authors”, and more than average. Of course, it’s better to call your self an “Expert”, a “Founder”, or a “Speaker”, but guru isn’t a title that will scare away the Twitter followers, it seems.

Check out all five of the way you can get more followers below:

Via Memeburn

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