5 Reasons Why You Should be on Twitter – Even if You’re Already on Facebook

Why on earth would you sign up for Twitter when you already have Facebook?   Here are five reasons to use both social networking sites:

1.  Twitter’s Business-Friendliness

When it comes to work-appropriate material, Twitter tends to be a bit more business-friendly than Facebook.  But how is this so?   The majority of people leave their tweets wide open for the world to see.  Well…  If Facebook is the lacy underwear, then Twitter is the pair of blue jeans.  Everyone can see our pants.  But undies are personal, intimate, and not always appropriate for the public eye.  Most tweeters are fully aware that their posts are being seen by the world.  So we are less likely to post material that could get us fired.  And Twitter doesn’t insists we use our real names!  Anonymity is completely possible.

2.  Celebrities on Twitter

When you’re following a real celebrity, they will have a check mark next to their name.  So you know that when Kim Kardashian tells you she is “hitting the town tonight” – you can count on seeing her there.  Twitter creates the illusion that we are a part of the personal lives of our favorite celebs.  And it is quite fun to get updates on our idols, even if it is a one-sided conversation.

But, the stars are not completely unreachable.  Some fanatics collect @Replies with the same excitement one would get from an autograph.  And not all of our favorite bands, actors, and athletes are A-List Celebrities.  Many of the lesser-known celebs will interact with their followers.  Twitter is a great way to socialize with people we admire.

3.  Exclusivity

You gotta admit, Twitter can be pretty confusing for first time users.  Many who don’t understand it often give up immediately.  But when you finally get it, you feel like you belong to an exclusive club.  It is like a super secret tree house club where you participate in hashtagging global trends.  You suggest people to follow on “Follow Friday”.  And you know  major world news events before they reach Facebook.  Twitter can be compared to siblings who invent their own language; they annoy everyone else when they speak in code.  But it feels good to be a part of the exclusive Twitter club where we all speak a bizarre tongue.

4.  Tweets to your Phone

Many of freelance journalists and paparazzi use this feature when trying to get interviews or photos.  On Twitter, you can choose to have a person’s tweets sent to your mobile device.  Your phone will notify you, in real time , any time the person of choice posts something.  And, this means the person is likely signed in to Twitter at the moment.  So the journalist then writes something like, “May I interview you next time you are in my neighborhood?  DM me for details”.  It’s a great way to try to get an @Reply while the person is still online – whether your motives are business or simply social interaction.

And setting up mobile alerts is a great way to make you look popular as the “texts” roll in, all night.

5.  Your Parents Aren’t There

Twitter is a safe spot for a lot of people.  Many bosses aren’t there.  Hundreds of nosy acquaintances from high school aren’t there.  But best of all, your parents aren’t there.  (Well…  maybe they are there.  But if your parents are on Twitter, then they are probably pretty hip.  And you don’t need to hide from them.)  But to those who felt obligated to add your folks and your grandparents to Facebook, Twitter is a nice open field where you can be yourself.  You can use adult language.  You can talk about your bad grades without causing concern.  You can flirt with people.  You don’t have to respond to 1000-word e-mails.  And you are never have to feel obligated to “poke back”.

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