5 Reasons Why Grooveshark is a Killer Social Streaming Music Service

In the age of social networking it makes sense that social media and music belong together. With an ever-increasing number of social music streaming services coming into the mainstream we've taken a close look at Grooveshark and show you why it's a killer social music streaming service.

With it’s new spiffy design and social features that rival those of Apple iTunes, Grooveshark has etched it’s place amongst the top music streaming services available today and is steadily rising as the popular choice amongst streaming music enthusiasts. Here are our top reasons why Grooveshark is a music lovers dream and a worthy addition to the top of your bookmarks list.

Free to use

Grooveshark is 100% free and we’re hoping it stays that way. Currently the service provides links to buy songs on Amazon and iTunes. Advertising is restricted to one vertical advertisement on the right side. One can’t help wonder whether Grooveshark will face the same content restrictions that could pose a threat to it’s continuity which has prevented similar streaming services such as Spotify from a North American launch. We’ll have to wait and see; in the meantime, enjoy the free service while you can.

It’s lightning fast

With practically zero load time and no need to login you can be grooving to your favorite dance track as fast you can type in ‘Katy Perry’. Loading up the interface in Safari and Firefox feels crisp and quick without the clunky feeling of a Flash site or annoying “loading” tickers that are all-too-familiar to Flash-based websites. Search queries produce results as quick as an iTunes search and music streams within a half second of clicking on it.

Easy on the eyes

With a recent complete redesign, Groovshark delivers on interface and functionality and does away with all the Flash, quite literally. Even though the music streaming back-end system is still coded in Flash, you wouldn’t be able to tell. HTML5 doesn’t fail to demonstrate why its becoming the standard of web development and it doesn’t surprise at all why Apple chose to ditch Flash support in lieu of HTML5 – it absolutely delivers. Don’t expect it to use it on your iPad though, support for the Tablet is yet to come.

Social sharing of playlists

The playlist creator function is absolutely breeze. Add your favorite songs to playlists song and have them automatically shared with friends. Invite your friends to the service and follow your friends’ playlists to see and hear what they’ve been listening to.

Nothing to download

Let’s face it – iTunes can feel bloated at times. Limewire is resting peacefully in the P2P software graveyard. Grooveshark has the look and feel of a quality software product without burdening your hard drive space. The time from punching in the URL to listening to music is a mere couple of seconds. If it wasn’t for the familiar feel of an address bar with back buttons I would be absolutely convinced I was using another application on my Mac.

With rumors of an iTunes web-based music streaming application coming in the New Year from Apple, Grooveshark has given itself a solid head start in the ever-growing market of social streaming music services. Try out Grooveshark and see what all the fuss is about at Grooveshark.com.