5 Quora Questions About Osama’s Death

Osama Bin Laden, that symbol of all that is anti-American, was cornered and assassinated this morning in a raid after evading assassination attempts for nearly 10 years.  His leadership of the group of chieftains of the radical Al-Qaeda terrorist group have led to his capture being the top priority for the American government for the last 10 years, and while by 2004 America and allies had captured two-thirds of senior Al-Qaeda officials, Osama remained hidden until the last few months.

Finally, with Osama killed, the social media sphere is abuzz with celebration, questions and a focus on ‘what’s next’.  We look at 5 great Quora question & answers regarding today’s news to get an insight into how people are thinking and feeling.

1) Why was Osama Bin Laden buried at sea?

A great question by one user hints at the America practice of maintaining honor despite dealing with a dishonorable tyrant.

2) What effects will Osama Bin Laden’s death have on President Obama’s reelection chances?

Certainly, the news has immediately become a political “game-changer”, but how long will those effects last, and how will the people view Obama’s role in this success.

3) How was Osama Bin Laden killed?

Many are curious about the details of how this difficult task was finally achieved.

4) What are the funniest jokes that people have made about Osama Bin Laden’s death?

In a more crass tone are those who are celebrating the man’s death with humor.

5) How did Quora users feel when they learnt of Osama Bin Laden’s death?

Finally, Quora users are interested in how others felt when they heard the news.