5 (Plus One) Questions with Rick Tetzeli

Rick Tetzeli is Entertainment Weekly’s Managing Editor.

FishbowlNY: Much has been made about how fun your job is. How fun is your job? Do you wake up in the morning and just say: ”Yes!”

Rick Tetzeli: The whole “my job is really fun” thing is a myth perpetuated by my boss, for obvious reasons. Actually, going to screenings and parties, shooting the breeze all day about Heroes, and hanging with Judd Apatow is hellish work, and I defy anyone to enjoy it.

FishbowlNY: Does there come a time when you wish that Graydon Carter was right and irony just died, or at least took an irony nap?

Rick Tetzeli: Last time I checked, Graydon Carter was still right about everything.

FishbowlNY: What are some of your favorite stories.

RT: Here are just a few recent favorites: In the issue we closed last night, Chris Nashawaty on the greatest showbiz stunt family ever; In the issue before that, Ben Svetkey’s cover story on ‘The Hobbit’ and Christine Spines on watching horror movies when she was five years old; Karen Valby’s recent cover story interview of Jodie Foster; Clark Collis and Vanessa Juarez’s oral history of the recovery of New Orleans’ entertainment biz; and Sean Smith’s piece on Lindsay Lohan, “I Know Who Killed Your Career“.

FBNY: Oscar worthy films are being released. How do you cope? And they’re so serious. Is October to the deadline just slew of intense dramas? How do you wind down and cool out?

RT: I just ignore those and attend repeat screenings of The Heartbreak Kid.

FBNY: Do you get to keep the swag bags?

RT: Isn’t this thing called “5 Questions?”

FBNY: If Stephen King is late on his column, is it kind of scary having to get “firm” with him.

RT: Actually, I have a whole “Manchurian Candidate” way of getting him to deliver on time. All I have to do is call him up and say the words, “Bill Buckner,” and bingo — I get a perfect column in just one hour.