5 Novel Low-Tech Holiday Gifts to Serve High-Tech PR Needs

Holiday Gifts Tent Club SandwichHoliday gifting has become so complex that one needs a special calendar and glossary. Today’s Cyber Monday is for online shopping and Giving Tuesday is for charity donations. Shopping via mobile, social showrooming and self-gifting are also on the rise. Whatever your preference, PRNewser searched design sites and museum stores to find PR-related items. The 5 products below are mostly low-tech, but they solve the latest digital dilemmas facing PR industry execs.

1.Pitch a Club Sandwich Tent for Top-Secret Meetings
Tents are hot in politics now, with President Obama and New York City’s Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio using them for different reasons. At De Blasio’s ‘Talking Transition’ Tent, residents offered input on pressing issues. Obama’s advisers always pack a security tent for his overseas trips that they pitch inside his hotel room to avert foreign spies. With the Club Sandwich Tent, you can join the trend. Just soundproof the inside with aluminum foil and check for electronic bugs. Then you’ll be ready to thwart eavesdroppers during crisis summits, or to host a picnic.

Holiday Gifts Ear Warmers Red Green Final2.Wear Strawberry Motif Earmuffs to Tune Out Airplane Passengers’ Loud Cell Phone Calls
You might ask, “On what occasion other than holidays would one wear these red and green earmuffs?” The answer: on airplanes, as soon as airlines allow cell phone calls. Public reaction so far has been thumbs-down, but soon passengers will fill planes with incessant chatter. With these comfy faux fur and plush earmuffs, you’ll protect your ears and send a clear signal to your loud seatmates: “Shush, I’m listening to the Beatles song, Strawberry Fields Forever.”

Holiday Gifts Stop Talking Cards3.Discreetly Hand the “Stop Talking” Cards to Indiscreet Clients
These novelty cards simply read, “Stop Talking”, and their goal is to achieve peace and quiet, though perhaps not goodwill to all. There are lots of situations when the cards may come in handy, whether for personal, family or business use. Perhaps most of all they could be helpful when clients are talking to the press, but they’ve become a bit too forthcoming. The only question is whether you have the wherewithal and gumption to actually hand them out.

Holiday Gifts Dots Hand Warmer4.Carry Rechargeable Dots-Style Hand Warmers for Outside Mobile Usage
You won’t have to worry about FoMoCo (fear of mobile usage in the cold) when you bring the mod dots motif rechargeable hand warmers with you. You can easily store them in your gloves or pockets, and they have two temperature settings and an automatic power-off feature. They last up to six hours on a single charge, so they’re ideal for big events like Utah’s Sundance Film Festival, New Jersey/New York’s upcoming Super Bowl or texting outside in the city this winter.

Holiday Gifts Cubies Book Final5.Give The Cubies A, B, C Book to Nearby Office Mates
Since offices now are filled with cubicles and cubicle mates, here’s an idea for your company’s “secret Santa” gift: The Cubies A, B. C book. It was written after the Armory Show in 1913, a controversial Cubist art exhibit. It sheds light on that art movement, with entries like “D is for Duchamp, the deep-dyed deceiver” and “I is for the Cubies’ intense intuition”. Now 100 years later, discover which colleagues closely resemble the famous artists.