5 Must-Have Twitter Gifts for the Tweet-Obsessed

Know someone who’s totally addicted to Twitter? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to express your own intense love of tweets. Whoever you’re shopping for, here are five great gift ideas for the Twitter obsessed.

Fledgling Wine

Twitter has an official wine, made by actual Twitter employees out in California. Fledgling Wine is the Twitter lover’s dream – it’s official merchandise, has a cool, collectible label to keep forever, and, well, it’s wine! It comes in both red (pinot noir) and white (chardonnay), to suit all tastes, and you can buy a single bottle of this 2009 vintage for $25 or a case of 12 bottles for $300. Proceeds of the sale of Fledgling Wine also goes towards an educational non-profit called Room to Read, so this purchase isn’t just to express your Twitter obsession, it’s for a good cause too.

A Pet Tweet-Reader

Yes, these exist… and there’s more than one of them out there. You can buy a “pet” toy that will read your tweets to you. Charatter is a sickeningly sweet panda who will read you your tweets outloud, and Twimal is a white or blue dew-drop with the requisite watery anime eyes who will do the same. Unfortunately, both of these critters are only available in Japan, or ordered online… and we can’t vouch for their ability to read tweets in English.

Twitter Jewelery

You can wear your tweets on your sleeve, so to speak, and you’ve got a huge selection for how you want to show them off. Twitter jewelery is all the rage these days, with pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings all proudly stamped with the Twitter bird. You can wear a subtle Tweet Ring which you can engrave with two of your favorite tweets, or a variety of Twitter themed necklaces on Etsy to show off your Twitter obsession.

Twitter Clothing

Cafepress has a whole line of Twitter-inspired shirts for those who want to show off their love of Twitter everywhere they go, in a not-so-subtle way. You can get shirts with the Twitter logo, a shirt with the “anonymous” Twitter face (before the egg became popular), and if you’re really confident in your tweeting abilities, a shirt that reads “I’m huge on Twitter”. Of course, you’ll probably want to modify these shirts and add your username at the back, so anyone admiring your fashion sense can rush to their smartphones and add you to Twitter.

Twitter Books

If you think you (or your Twitter-obsessed friend) needs a little break from short-form content, why not get a Twitter book? There are plenty out there, and they are a great way to show someone you know about their Twitter obsession and want to fuel the fire. There are Twitter books for marketers, for dummies, for business owners and for people who just plain love Twitter and want to read about it.